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Digital Realization of
Your Potential

Entelechy stands for a realization or actuality, vis-a-vis, the guidelines for our work force to deliver your servicss to clients and customers, in the best possible manner, merging various technologies, platforms, online & offline content, stunning graphics, etc.

Our team of qualified and success oriented professionals think out of the box, at every step, to ensure that best practices are put to use in a pargmatic manner, wholly utilizing all available potential, time and cost factors.

  • Client assigned Project Manager to ensure end-to-end delivery planning.
  • Multi Angle approach to create practical yet highly creative user flows.
  • Deep rooted planning to garner best execution.
  • Value based, client-focused & result-oriented approach.

What we Offer

Our niche offering comes in building the right synnergy between various offline and onlin services, a brief of what is described below. Please feel free to discuss any possibilities of merging our exertise to your requirements.

CMS Websites & Portals

To change is to improve, and to keep improving is to be perfect!

At Entelechy, web design is more of a passion, to eagerly deep dive into the various fields and brainstorm on how best the platform can be utilized to depict the best picture. Given the numerous challenges that the changing technology warrants, we find an equal opportunity in using new functionalities to deliver novel features. And while we partially ensure we always upgrade to the latest tech, we always roll back to the basic board to ensure best user flow, information listing, content and presentation.

  • Responsive and highly elastic sites.
  • Seamless backend integration across multiple platforms and varied technologies.
  • Compelling graphics and presentation, well balanced with best-in-line content & flow.
  • Coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion.

Mobile Apps

In today's world, any digital presentation is incomplete without relevant mobile app support.

Mobile apps requires a special insight into how one's customers expect the app to behave. We, at Entelechy, understand this. Mobile apps can bring to the field, a plethora of offerings that span beyond the web. While not just maintaining consistency between platforms, a highly adaptive feature set is very much required to bring forth all available backend potential, while smoothly transitioning existing database without much changes. Entelechy offers a hassle free mobile app approach to meet your needs.

  • Objective-C, Ruboto, Xamarin (C#), Appcelerator Titanium, ItelliJ IDEA, .NET, VB.NET & other technologies.
  • Compelling & Passionate production by a team of well versed and experienced developers.
  • Proven 'WOW Factor' embedded in every flow of the app.
  • Cross-platform, consistant and error-free coding.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and many more subtle thoughts...

Needless to say, the psychology and suggestive graphic content, apart from imagery that is need to portray a solution or offering, can either be constructive or destructive in its interference. That said, every deveopment, both offline & online, irrespective of the platform it is a tenant of, will require adequate balance of graphics to match content, while allowing for a thoughtful respite of the story. While words can be misread, images mostly have similar perspectives.

  • Crisp, Clear and well co-ordinated graphic showcase.
  • A dedicated highly creative team of passionate graphic artists.
  • Long proven experience in both online as well as offline creatives.
  • Best usage and balance of colors, strokes and the six sisters.

Digital Marketing

This is the age of speed of marketing, with intuitive and efficient target market focus.

The rapid backend analysis of every online user, is a case study for many technology companies. Digital Marketing, revolving around the several nuances of gathering multiple levels of data and assimilating them into useful information is a new culture in promoting anyone's offering. While cookies and URL searches analyse location, there are several other implementation that can dive deeper into user behavior, expectations and platform usage, thus effectively converting more users into footfalls. Is this not much required?

  • Multi-Platform data tracking and usage pattern analysis.
  • Well planned update and information assimilating process.
  • Qualitative as well as Quantitative gathering of required user information and deploying relevant POAs.
  • A structured maintenance plan that can grow organically into the very minds of the end users.


Human Happiness is a direct derivative of the five senses and its involvement.

While multimedia, being one of the most developing platforms today, is largely resigned to simple media and such offerings, the digital age has reconned new uses for bringing greater user connect on all services and offerings. It is a fact that the first seven seconds of any text can mesmerize a user, but with the right multimedia content, users are relatively attracted for a much longer duration. It is this niche value add that can float any organization into higher levels of user experience.

  • Well versed developers spanning a plethoa of multimedia competency.
  • Timeline based user story approach to build qualitative creative content into a true multimedia experience.
  • Proven deliveries in areas like AR, VR, eLearning, and several other media productions.
  • Real time editor, director and producer troica policy to ensure rapid delivery without quality compromise.

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